Travel Management Academy

You are or you want to be a Travel Manager?
You want to master new travel technologies?

If desire to be perfected and educated with state of the travel art set of tools motivates you to progress within your company, this set of courses throughout 2019 is the time and place for you to thrive in.


Upgrade your travel management skills!


Travel Management Academy is built on top of 20 years of  Travel industry experience. It began as a general idea of education that would improve one’s knowledge about working within travel industry. It started as a set of stand alone courses built around Amadeus GDS basics and it turned out to be a huge benefit to all involved with travel management. Now we have 5 courses related to air travel and hotels with an even bigger potential to be built upon.

TMA is a group of educational courses with intention to boost your proficiency in travel management.
You can sign up to as many courses as you would like with no minimum requirement.
All courses have one specific day in the curriculum, designed with interconnected content for those who signed up for all other courses.


Apply for TMC educations