Ticketing Authority

Ticketing Authority is a dynamic table that contains all the important information about issuing airline tickets that can be issued within the TMC’s partner network agencies.

Here you can, in a quick and easy way, check the payment methods, tax information through which you are charging a change fee, whether EMD is supported by a carrier, and links to an ADM procedure.

Who uses it?

Ticketing Authority is used by all IATA and non-IATA travel agencies.

Who to contact?

Partners within the TMC Network who want to check and confirm prices can send inquiries for:

* Quality Check * at QE / ZAGH12133 / 98 -> for checking tariffs and prices on the market and confirming price + mail with query at ticketing@tmc-solutions.xyz
* Ticketing * by sending ESAGBL1215T-B (DE), ESZAGH12133-B (HR) and ESLJUS32378-B (SI) + email at ticketing@tmc-solutions.xyz

The contact email used exclusively for BSP communication is: bsp@tmc-solutions.xyz

How much does it cost?

Ticketing Authority is completely free.

Ticketing Authority