In the heart of the Core system is “George” – Corporate booking tool with strong human touch, developed in cooperation with our technology partners Ypsilon, Amadeus and Travelport.

George is ready to serve your needs if you are a:

  1. Travel agency
  2. Corporate client
  3. Travel Management Company
  4. Public Institution or Government

Use George as a booking tool for network of your corporate clients.

George is equipped with great features empowered with analytics, pre- and post-booking processes, travel data filters and many other until now unimaginable customisable options.


George represents a fast and secure way for any user to search, book, compare travel prices and control their issued air tickets, offers and bookings.

What is possible with George?

A corporation can search and book all their preferred options. Every single booking is sent to an agency of their choice.

An agency can retrieve all their bookings done manually, upload them through George and send offers to their clients.


George can make anyone a Travel Manager!


Steps Travel Managers can make with George:

  1. Searching origin and destination airports with departure and return dates (enabling the return option opens the return flight) 

    It is possible to choose an advanced search form with flight departure filters, flight arrival times, maximum flight duration, maximum connection time in transit airports and also inserting specific flight numbers (2 or more flights have to be divided by comma – “ , “)

    During the search step, it is important to specify the number of specific passengers the search is being used for – adult, youth (under the age of 21), child (under the age of 12) or Infant (not older than 24 months)

  2. The names of the passengers do not have to be specified during this step but it is possible to save all the passengers and their information into Contacts and later on reuse them whenever needed

    Limiting carriers, fare types, booking classes or direct/non-stop flights is also not obligatory during search

    It is possible to connect a certain business travel to a Project name with specified expenses that include airtickets, hotels, rentacar services and other costs 

    Customers that include specific passengers as well as corporate clients can also be saved into Contacts 

  3. List is the direct result of the search criteria indicated on the first step – it specifies flights and flight combinations based on their price, from the lowest one to the highest one 

    It is possible to filter all the resulting flights on the left side based on the desired price, ticketing carrier, cabin class and fare type, but also specifying certain criteria on both the outbound and inbound (return) flights like: flight time, number of stops, baggage, origin, departure time, arrival time, routing and connection time 

    Once the Travel Manager has chosen one or more combinations, he or she can check the rules and conditions for all the chosen options on the ‘CHECK’ button – where it is possible to check the cost of changes for travel dates or if it is possible to get a full refund for that travel if necessary. Also, the costs of (extra) baggages and additional services on board are also listed on the ‘CHECK’ button 

    From this step it is possible to save all options per airline and prices offered but also choose and save a specific option within the listed combinations 

    In the search & book table it is possible to control all the booking processes and searches 

    The process involves listed options/saved options/chosen options/bookings/tickets

  4. Chosen option is the third step in the booking process. It involves a particular airline, particular chosen flights with the price directly from the Amadeus and/or Galileo GDS. 

    Once an option has been chosen, it is necessary to finish the booking process by inserting passenger and customer information 

  5. A confirmed booking is the last step in the booking process before the ticket is issued. It has all the necessary information for the ticket to be issued and all a dedicated agency needs now is final confirmation for the ticket to be issued. The booking was directly sent to their terminal where they can see all the details just as though an experienced travel agent has made the booking 
  6. The final step involves an issued ticket, which is always designated in the process on the search and book table.


What is also possible with George?

It is possible to send offers to clients, colleagues or agents. Those offers can involve any of the steps from the booking process – saved options with all the possible combinations and prices, chosen options, bookings and issued tickets


What makes George a perfect travel tool and service for every corporate client and agency is the simplicity and analytical possibilities together with Galama module. It enables any user to keep track of all the travel expenses for a specific client and/or entire company with transparent and real-time data.


The best of all – George does make anyone a Travel Manager!