Galama module grants access to the base and original price of the ticket before markups as well as graphs with different parameters such as ticket count within selected months/years.


Through Analytics tab you can customize charts and graphs.


One of predefined graphs shows 20 companies with most tickets on a specific OID/PCC or IATA code depending on client input.


TJQ tab shows charts for all tickets issued by given parameters.


Visualization of all tickets issued through Amadeus/Galileo GDS.


Interactive map that allows you to monitor a large amount of travelers at any given date.


List of all report tables created with download option.


Who should use Galama?


Galama should be used by all travel agencies and large corporate clients.

Considering its functionality, it serves as added support in the procurement as well as optimization of airplane costs.

It’s also built to be used as an analytical module when making strategic business decisions regarding travel agencies.

Beside analytics, through interactive map it serves as support for HR departments of the utmost importance in exceptional situations.


Activation costs?


GALAMA is a free module for all existing users within TMC Core as long you are issuing tickets through the TMC partner network. If you want to use GALAMA as a separate application, you can send your request to:




“Hotels” is a B2B module that directly and indirectly aggregates over 50 global suppliers. The power of this module is an outstanding back office that allows users to visualize, filter, and optimize business processes. The module enables users to build their own network of partners with any selected rights.