Rent a Car module is a car rental tool based on the product of AutoEurope gmbh. What sets it apart from other similar products, is the simplicity in use, the best prices and time saving.

For the initial offer of a car, it is only necessary to enter 3 pieces of information, the country and the city of the car’s pickup, and city and the date of car’s drop off:


Simple and transparent interface:


Inside the modules, we provide a car pickup in 139 countries in the world, 1800 cities and 32000 different locations.

Rental prices are in most cases lower than for other car rentals.

Support remains the same through the Rent a Car module:


Who uses it?

Rent a Car module is intended for travel agencies but also for companies that often rent cars for employees. An example would be companies that deal with transportation or repair at the site of a malfunction or general renting of cars for private purposes.

Where is the “RENT-A-CAR” module and how much does it cost to use it?

Rent a car module can be found among all the available module cards inside your TMC Core universe:

Switching on the module itself and using it is completely free of charge.

Please contact us at if you need any more information.