This website is created by Travel Management Company (TMC).


TMC is a technology, consulting and educational partner for agencies, airlines and technology companies from the distribution chain in the Air travel & Hotel industry.

On the Intranet, we share all relevant information about TMC’s educations, tools, contacts, technologies and conferences.


Concentration of experiences gathered over the past 20 years can be found in the form of procedures, educational scripts, logged contacts, links – updated daily.


Intranet is an information knowledge base within the TMC Core system. This module serves as a reference point for all other modules in the system, but also as a source of information on all suppliers, partners and users of the TMC Core system.


It contains pages about individual airlines, in whose design and construction were they involved themselves. It also contains information about the procedures and operational specifics of everyday’s agents business.


Intranet is a complete module that is upgraded and updated on a daily basis – with the arrival of new information procedures, as well as the ideas that shape it. In the design of the Intranet, the users themselves, are able to give their suggestions on the appearance, structure and content of the module, so that we can make it easier for them to get all the necessary information they are looking for.


Contacts of TMC Solutions development and sales team, their vision, ideas and goals can be found within Intranet.


Also, based on many years of experience and knowledge, Agent Desk workshops are organized in the conference hall of Travel & Technology Hub, every other Thursday, where the current topics, news and procedures in the air travel business are discussed.