Personal Data Protection Policy

TRAVEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY d.o.o. Ivana Gorana Kovačića 1, 32 000 Vukovar, a company for tourism, trade, services and a travel agency (hereinafter referred to as the “TMC”) is data Processor who collects, processes and stores data in accordance with applicable legal regulations. Data processing includes any use of client’s personal data from the moment of receiving the data. The client is required to give his personal information for signing of the Agreement, and the later realization of contractual obligations and the execution of the services in accordance with the Agreement.

In cases where TMC is a mediator and not a direct service provider and when it is necessary to share particular data of the client with a trustworthy partner, for the purpose of providing services (e.g. data required for statistical analysis, customer support, etc.) both sides promise to obey by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Both sides will use the data only for the purpose for which the client has given his consent – to execute contractual obligations and services.

The right to require an insight in the data/official documents that contain client’s data, in accordance with legal provisions, have only the competent authorities (complement inspectors, police, and judicial bodies).

Competent authorities may, if necessary, make copies of the documents, copy all storage systems and collect other relevant information. The legal basis for this type of data transfer and processing is the fulfilment of legal obligations.

Information about the client collected via emails, phone calls and websites are: name and surname, address, date of birth, phone number, email, date and time of the access to the web pages, signature (in case the client fills in the physical application form), payment information (e.g. account number or credit card information, if filling out the remote authorization form).

In order for better organization of travel and better provision of service, TMC may request some additional information from the client. That information requires consent from the client. In the case of providing specific services, TMC has the right to request additional information from the client (e.g. ID number, PIN, passport with expiry date, etc.), which should be give to the contractual partner for the purpose of providing the requested service. In the case the client provides data from the category of specially protected personal data, the client is required to give his consent to process this data for the purpose of providing special services.

TMC collects and processes the following clients data for the purpose of communicating with clients, providing information on new offers, providing required information, and enforcing legal and contractual obligations: the data client entered in contact forms on the official websites; information the client enters into pre-registration and newsletter forms; information provided by client via email.

During a visit to the website (hereinafter referred to as the „website“) TMC collects cookies ( that allow an improved search experience based on location, language and other settings and client preferences. The client can block „cookies“ and still browse the web page, but there is a possibility that some options and features might not be available. Also, each client has the option in his internet browser to delete and/or block „cookies“ at any time.

It is possible, depending on the purpose, to collect clients personal data through our website. The information includes: name and surname, email, home or business address, phone number, data and time of access to web page.

By entering personal data in the provided fields, the client has given the consent to use the data for the given purpose.

The main systems through which data is collected and processed, i.e. produces the necessary documents and communication with clients and carrying out marketing activities:



Taking into account the legitimate interests of the clients and legitimate interests of TMC, the contact information provided by clients is used to inform customers about: payments, deadlines and outstanding debts; all relevant information or any modifications to the offers; providing the desired services and providing you with information about the products or services the clients can use.

The client reserves the right to withdraw consent from the newsletter list at any time (by clicking Unsubscribe) and will no longer receive notification on new offers and discounts. Likewise, the client may at any time re-apply to the newsletter list and renew his consent to use his data for marketing purposes.

The client has the right to request information from TMC about personal data processed and stored, as well as to request correction in case of inaccurate data or to delete certain data for which there is no legal basis for collecting..

The TMC will inform the client about the TMC’s decision within the statutory deadline of no later than one (1) month. This deadline, however, can be extended for additional two (2) months (with notification to the client), taking into account the complexity and number of requests.

If requested by the client, (i) TMC will notify him of the personal data which are processed and of the source of such data, (ii) allow him to access the records of the personal data collection and access to the personal data contained in the personal data collection related to him. (iii) deliver to the client excerpts, certificates, or prints of personal data contained in personal data collection related to the client with a remark of the purpose and legal basis for the collection, processing and use of such data; (iv) deliver to the client a transcript about whom, for what purpose and on what legal basis has been given his personal data. (v) inform a client about the logic of any automatic processing of personal data. At client’s request, it will supplement, modify or delete personal data if the same information is incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated, and if their processing does not obey by legal provisions.

TMC can not comply with the clients’ request for deletion of data and/or documents necessary for the execution of contractual services, as well as the data and/or documents that TMC must store due to legal provisions until the expiration of the statutory deadlines for storing data.

TMC may process your personal information solely in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The client can enforce his/her rights by submitting an application by email to or by writing to the address of the head office TRAVEL MANAGEMENT d.o.o., Ivana Gorana Kovačića 1, 32 000 Vukovar.

The Supervisory Authority in the territory of the Republic of Croatia is the Personal Data Protection Agency (Martićeva ulica 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia;; +385 1 4609 080).