Agency solutions


Set of individual modules that you can use for optimized business travel organization. It is intended for agencies, airlines, large companies and all other active participants in the travel industry.

Agency can have various benefits in using TMC Core system. One is to provide a good insight into travel costs, analytics and provided net prices from GDS’s and over 20 global hotel suppliers. The other is centralizing travel agency business to one web service – through a set of travel agency tools and service. Last, TMC Core provides a possibility to expand and enhance a network of your partners.

Air ticket engine

Air ticket engine enables you to increase your sales and move a step closer to web-commerce


Use Brands to specify your domain, logo, markups, language etc. to use it in other modules

Amadeus RTS

Amadeus product that enables pricing and ticket issuing on more than one IATA licences and OID’s that belong to different markets.


A service that provides complete analytics over issued air tickets

Kill Bill

A service that enables fast and detailed parsing of IATA billings


A hotel booking engine with more than 20 global hotel supplier suppliers integrated at one place

Visa and Travel info

A service that provides Visa regime and vaccination information for all destinations and stopover countries

Knowledge & Data Base

A complete overview of information provided by airlines necessary for everyday travel agent’s work