“Hotels” is a B2B module that directly and indirectly aggregates over 50 global suppliers. The power of this module is an outstanding backoffice that allows users to visualize, filter, and optimize business processes. The module enables users to build their own network of partners with any selected rights.


Huge part of “Hotels” module is the provided support. Free cancelation period reminders and hotel call-ups on the day of arrival to make sure everything is set and done for client to arrive as well as maximum help with any given itinerary changes.


It’s a huge time saver given that you can search over 50 vendors with only one search ping instead of having multiple tabs open for each of vendors aggregated in “Hotels”.


Also a lot of incorporated vendors outside of “Hotels” module require large money deposits in order to sign up while all TMC core users have it available with no compensation for activation.


Last but not least, “Hotels” module saves money with the best prices contracted with vendors due to large amount of reservations made on annual basis.




Who should use hotels module?


“Hotels” module should be used by anyone with a demand for hotels reservation.


Activation costs?


“Hotels” module is a part of TMC Core and it’s activation is completely free.

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