Hotel module


About the module

Hotel module aims to equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools for the management of hotel accommodation, for an individual or a group, across world destinations. The two-day module consists of theory classes followed by practicing with examples and case studies. Apart from the standard booking principles, this module allows the student to learn how to manage hotel suppliers across different destinations and create the most competitive hotel accommodation offer.


Where is it held
The module is held at the Travel and Technology hub, Gacka 16 Zagreb
10 hours, 2 days, theory and practice
When does it start
January term: 23.01.2019
February term: 20.02.2019
March term: 20.03.2019
April term: 17.04.2019
May term: 08.05.2019



Areas covered by the lecture
– About travel management
– TMC corporate booking tool for hotels
– Hotel suppliers
– Hotel quality standards
– Booking rates, fees and cancellation policies
– Creating a hotel booking offer
– Booking management
– Additional information for specific destinations
English language
Education goals
– Learning basic principles of hotel searching
– Understanding rates, fees and booking terms
– Gaining skills for creating fast, quality and profitable booking offers
– Applying the knowledge in a real business environment



Why choose the hotel module?
– When finishing the module, will learn everything needed to manage your hotel booking requests on a professional, responsible and sustainable way, as well as many other tactics on how to run a hotel booking department or hotel bookings more efficiently.
– You will master the TMC hotel sales platform, learn how to overcome most important segments of the hotel booking management as well the functional accounting that manages receivables, payables and invoicing.
– Hotel module goes in-depth on hotel suppliers, aggregators and DMC’s work
– You will be exposed to state of the art Travel management technologies and practices


– Coffee breaks
– Learning materials and laptops
– Intranet access
– Core system credentials
– Final exam
– Certification
– After module support (0-24), 30 days


About lecturers
The module is held by Travel consultants with rich experience in the leading regional travel agencies, corporations and academic institutions.
Their multidimensional experience improves the quality of the lectures based on real examples from everyday work.


The total price for the Hotel module is 300,00 EUR + VAT


Additional benefits & discounts
– Student discount 50%
– Optional for students – job recommendation to TMC partner network
– For businesses registering more than one participant, a 10% to 30% discount can be obtained on request.


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