Agent Desk

About the course

Agent Desk represents a programme of professional training of TMC agents on all current news about the airlines, future procedures and (potential) operational problems.

Agent Desk workshops are physically held in Travel & Technology Hub every other Thursday at 13:00. They are also streamed live and afterwards available on the Data and Knowledge Base in TMC Core.


Prerequisites and requirements 


Areas covered by the lecture





The Agent Desk Workshop does not last longer than 45 minutes if there is no airline representative as a guest.



The idea behind the Workshops is that agents can, by predefined labels, search themes by dates and video clips of their respective workshops by time stamps, thus reviewing the recorded information and agents comments on a specific topic. Physical presence enables agents with networking experience with colleagues from other agencies and keeping themselves well informed about industry updates, both from respective airlines from their market and from TMC as a technology provider.


About lecturers



At the workshop itself, besides the agents, airlines can also participate and inform the whole TMC network about the news, changes in tariffs, procedures, etc.

Agent Desk Workshops are a natural continuation of the periodic Travel Management Academy Courses under the organization of TMC.

The Workshop and access to videos are free for all the TMC agencies


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