Group reservations


About the module

The Group reservations module describes the specifics and procedures of issuing tickets for a group travel.
Through the module, participants will study the basic rules and conditions for group booking and learn the steps required to set up, confirm and issue a group tickets.The knowledge and experience acquired at this module provide participants with a great opportunity for employment in this industry and for personal growth and development.
The workshop is interactive, includes a lot of examples from experience and in every workshop we will host one of the airline.


Where is it held
The module is held at the Travel and Technology hub, Gacka 16 Zagreb
8 hours
1 day theory and practice
How often is it?
March, 18.03.2019.
June, 17.06.2019.
September, 23.09.2019.
November, 18.11.2019.



Areas covered by the lecture
– Introduction to group booking (characteristic and advantages)
– Querying procedure for the company
– Confirmation of reservation
– Payment of deposit
– Group issuance (automatic pricing and manual TST drawing)
– Refund of deposit
– Specific group bookings by airlines (representatives of the same)
The workshop is intense and requires basic knowledge of air travel, experience in ticketing systems and a good understanding of the English language
Education goals
– Allowing participants to independently set up a group booking
– Allowing participants to independently confirmed or issue a group tickets and correctly understanding their conditions
– Increase sales score of Group tickets



Why attend this course?
– When completing the module, you will know everything what you need to manage group booking requests on a professional, responsible and sustainable way, and will be able to provide support to your passengers in this segments of their journey
– You will reach the level of knowledge that enables to work freely and enter in the travel industry market with the best possible mentoring
– Through these workshops we educate, inform and support Travel consultants for IATA and non-IATA agencies
– You will be introduced with the up to date procedures, experiences and practices
– Physical presence enables participants big opportunity to share experiences and networking with colleagues and partners from another agencies and airlines


– Coffee breaks
– Learning materials
– Intranet access
– Core system credentials
– Presentation and video access
– After module support (08-18 h from Monday to Friday) for 30 days


About lecturers
The module is held by Travel consultants with rich experience in the leading regional travel agencies, corporations and academic institutions.
Their multidimensional experience improves the quality of the lectures based on real examples from everyday work.


Total price for the workshop is 250€ + VAT for non-TMC travel consultants and free for all TMC agencies. For individual Airline marketing and sales presentations, the price is 500€ + VAT.



Besides agents, airlines will also participate in the education and give information about the news, changes in tariffs, procedures, etc.


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