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About the module

Air module is bringing you to the exciting world of air travel. Wheater you are new to air travel or you are running your own travel agency, this is the right module to help you to start growing your business.
This module enables students to master the basics of using the Amadeus GDS system and understand the fundamentals of air traffic.
The knowledge and experience acquired at this module provide participants with a great opportunity for employment in this industry and for personal growth and development.
From the first day, lectures are interactive and combined with practice.


Where is it held
The module is held at the Travel and Technology hub, Gacka 16 Zagreb
40 hours, 5 days, theory and practice
When does it start
March term: 25.03.2019
June term: 10.06.2019
September term: 09.09.2019
November term: 25.11.2019



Areas covered by the lecture
– About travel management
– Participants in the air travel industry and basic concepts of air traffic
– Airports (their procedures and restrictions)
– Getting to know Amadeus and how to use it (basic commands how to move through the knowledge base)
– Searching flights and list of fares
– Creating and modifying reservations
– Pricing options
– Interpretation of tariff rules
– Risky situations while making reservations
– Agency debit memos (how to avoid big fines from the airlines)
– Special requests and EMD
– Use of Q manager
– Ticketing
The program is intense and requires a good understanding of the English language
Education goals
– Allowing participants to independently and safely use the Amadeus GDS system
– Teaching students to find the best options for the traveler,
make and modify the reservation and correctly interpret the airline ticket conditions



Why choose the Air module?
– When finishing the module, you will reach the level of independence that a Travel Management position requires and enter the air travel market with best possible mentorship
– Air module goes into depth of searching flights, enabling you to find the best rates for travelers
– You will learn the basics of the GDS reservation system and how to manage reservations independently
– You will be exposed to state of the art travel management technologies and practices
– Education in small groups of up to 12 participants provide a great opportunity for networking and exchange of experiences from different perspectives in the travel industry


– Coffee breaks
– Learning materials and laptops
– Intranet access
– Core system credentials
– Final exam
– Certification
– Optional, one week of mentorship at one of TMC partner travel agencies in Croatia or Slovenia
– After module support (0-24) for 30 days


About lecturers
The module is held by Travel consultants with rich experience in the leading regional travel agencies, corporations and academic institutions.
Their multidimensional experience improves the quality of the lectures based on real examples from everyday work.


The total price for the Amadeus air module is 1.000,00 EUR + VAT


Additional benefits & discounts
– Student discount 50%
– Optional for students – job recommendation to TMC partner network
– For businesses registering more than one participant, a 10% to 30% discount can be obtained on request.


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