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Air ticket engine enables you to increase your sales and move a step closer to web-commerce. Air ticket sales has long ago had to accompany sales needs of a specific client. A modern day technology for a modern day client.

TMC provides any client with one of three levels of air tickets engine implementations:

1. API

Providing you with complete documentation for further development of your own engine – https://engine.tmc-solutions.xyz/

Test endpoint: https://air.tmc-solutions.xyz/test/

Key parameter within GET: a Key provided for every user of TMC Core platform through Brands module

Postman collection: https://engine.tmc-solutions.xyz/postman.json


Example of the data can be seen on the following link: https://engine.tmc-solutions.xyz/test/

Advantages for using API:

2. Whitelabel / iframe

Creating a brand through TMC Core system – you setup your dedicated email account for confirmation and client communication, design and dedicated OID/PCC

Functionalities that you get with whitelabel solution through TMC Brands module:

Advantages for using Whitelabel:

3. Affiliates

A client can define an affiliate program for its client in the Brands module and implement it on its website.

Possible levels of implementation:

  1. implementing a form – we send you a code or work on your website directly
  2. iframe of the existing form – we send you the iframe link or work on your website directly

Advantages for using Affiliate program: