Agent Desk

Agent Desk represents a program of professional training and information of TMC agents on all current and future procedures, news about the airlines and (potential) operational problems.


All TMC agents are physically present at the Travel & Technology Hub every other Thursday at 12:30 or 14:00 and via live streaming and video clips available on Intranet, several days after the workshop itself.


The workshops are intended for older agents interested in all the news, as well as younger agents to whom all presentations and topics serve as a source of information on procedures and cases they have not encountered so far.


The idea behind the workshops is that agents can, by predefined labels, search themes by dates and video clips of their respective workshop dates by time stamps, thus reviewing the recorded information and agents comments on the same.


At the workshop itself, besides the agents, airlines can also participate and inform the whole TMC network about the news, changes in tariffs, procedures, etc.

With this unique product in the region, TMC enables airlines and agents to quickly and easily inform themselves about dynamic Travel industry.

Agent Desk Workshops are a natural continuation of the periodic Amadeus Basic and Amadeus Advanced Training under the organization of TMC.